Feeding into the MA report on inclusion

 “This research shows it’s surely time to take big bold steps forward on the diversity agenda. Here more than ever we need our leaders to lead – to step up, step forward and translate the oft-heard endorsements into concrete actions. Who’s first?”

Museum consultant Hilary Carty.

Museum Detoxers fed into an important report on Valuing Diversity: The Case for Inclusive Museums. Top line findings included:

  • Institutional discrimination in the UK museum sector is negatively affecting workforce diversity, a report by the Museums Association (MA) has found, leading to people leaving the sector at mid-career level.
  • The report also found a small number of cases where museum staff from diverse backgrounds had to deal with prejudice from fellow colleagues.

  • For people who self-identify, or who are identified as, being of a diverse background, the day-to-day experience of working in museums can be exhausting and can present regular emotional and psychological challenges.

  • People report needing to constantly articulate and demonstrate how they have achieved their position on merit, explain issues of identity and cultural heritage to colleagues and deal with micro-inequities on a daily basis.

    Read about what we can do about it on the Museums Association website.

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