About Us

What is Museum Detox for?

A growing professional network of over 250 UK ethnically diverse museum workers from all ages and class backgrounds. Established in 2014 by a small group of senior museum workers who were tired of being one of a few, Museum Detox is for people who identify as black, Asian, Arabic or of dual heritage.

Museum Detox stands for the deconstruction of unjust racist infrastructures that continue to govern our national cultural institutions and Museums. We want to see an end to the underemployment of museum workers like us. We see and experience this dearth in equitable representation mirrored in our public facing programmes, exhibitions, and the lack of investment in developing ethnically diverse audiences.

We value and respect the worth of our cultural agency and capital. Museum Detox empowers its members to use our political voices through structured activism and creative interventions.

Museum Detox is united in solidarity with others who identify with our cause for radical change.